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Sdictionary for Windows 1.0

Sdictionary allows you to work with dictionaries of different languages (See all)

Sdictionary for Windows provides an interface that allows you to work with dictionaries of different languages with the Sdict dictionary format. The program includes by default three dictionaries, Latin-English, English-German, and Esperanto-English, nevertheless, you can add more dictionaries from the website for free. To load a dictionary you just need to download it and use the Open option.

To translate a word you first select a dictionary from the list, type a word or double-click directly on a word from the drop-down list, and the program will display the translation on a pop-up window. The program includes an option called Multifind that allows you to change the searching options.

Each dictionary may contain a different number of articles in the database. To check the total amount of articles of each dictionary you can use the "About current dictionary" option from the "File" menu.

In the General options - Generic tab you can change the location where the database is stored and other options. In the General options - Format tab you can change the Font format for the drop-down list and the articles; you can change the background, paper header, transcriptions, and hyperlinks colors.

The program also creates a history log of the translated words.

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  • You can add more dictionaries with ease and for free


  • Some dictionaries may have incorrect translations
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